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All Memberships include a year's subscription to the VLTA Examiner, discounted registration to all Virginia Land Title Association events and  meetings, access to the members only side of the web site, and more! Membership also includes all staff employed by the membership holder's company.  The membership holder may add/delete staff by updating their profile online.

Agent Members receive FREE job posting ads all year long and are also listed in our online directory.

Underwriter Members receive a FREE banner ad on the VLTA website and a FREE listing on the website and in the Examiner.

Associate and Title Examiner Members receive 50% off of a banner ad on the VLTA website and a FREE listing on the website and in the Examiner.

Emeritus Members receive all of the same benefits, rights and privileges that are accorded to underwriter/agent members with the exception of voting privileges. Emeritus Membership is free.

Members who wish to exercise the monthly or multi-year payment options, need to complete the paper application (see above) and submit it via email, fax, or regular mail. A credit card is required for the monthly payment option. View the Monthly Installment Guidelines here.

45% of your dues is allocated to lobbying expenses and is not tax deductible. Consult your accountant or tax attorney for more information.

New Members may prorate their first payment based on the actual receipt of payment accordingly: July 1 through September 30 -- 50% reduction on total dues.

October 1 - December 31: Members who join during this period receive up to 15 months for the price of 12 (15 for 12). Membership expires on December 31, 2014.


Please choose one of the membership types below:

Licensed Agent/Agency Membership

Agent/Agency Membership is restricted to business entities that primarily engage and are legally qualified to engage in the business of land title evidencing as title insurance agent.

Dues are based on the average number of employees (all staff) in the last calendar year.

                                           Full                  Monthly (complete manual application)
1 to 5 employees            $350.00              $420 ($35 per month)
6 to 10 employees          $600.00              $672 ($56 per month)
11 or more employees    $925.00              $996 ($83 per month)

Title Examiner Company Membership

Title Examiner Membership is restricted to business entities that primarily engage in the business of examining title.

Title Examiner Company Membership       Full Price   Monthly (complete manual application)

                                                              $185.00       $252 ($21 per month)

Associate Company Membership

Associate Membership is reserved for those firms engaged in providing services to the land title industry. Examples of such firms are attorneys, surveyors, notaries, automation vendors, counsels to lends or life insurance companies, governmental agencies, business consultants, etc. Employees or principals may not hold a title insurance agent's license. 

Associate Company Membership    Full Price     Monthly (complete manual application)
                                                      $400.00      $468 ($39 per month)

Underwriter Membership

Underwriter Membership is restricted to business entities who are authorized to act as a title insurer in the State of Virginia.  Dues are based on Form 9, Gross Premiums received for the previous calendar year in Virginia.

If sales are less than $2,000,000 - remit $1,150.00, plus $350.00 per each additional $500,000 in gross premiums.

If sales are greater than $10,000,000 - remit $5,750.00.

Minimum Dues $1,150.00 Maximum Dues $5,750.00


Individual Membership is reserved for those agents or title examiners who is not currently employed and not actively engaged in the business of examining or insuring title. (non-voting membership)

Individual Member              Annual $150   Monthly $216 ($18 per month)
                                                                       (complete manual application)

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